Property Notifications

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Construction
Starting April 2020, Kanapali Beach Hotel (located on the north side of The Whaler Tower 1), will be doing an enhancement project.

Here is an update as of April 29, 2021:

Kauai Wing (adjacent to the north side of Tower 1 towards the ocean) substantially completed.
Lanai Wing (adjacent to the north side of Tower 1 towards the mountains) substantially completed by May 12.
Addition to the Parking Garage - substantially completed.
Beach Restaurant - substantially completed by May 21.  Opening is TBD (waiting for announcement).

Kaanapali Beach Hotel will start taking the dust fence down on the KBH/Whaler border during the first week of May. There will be some equipment working in that area as the final grading and installation of the fire lane is completed.  Noise can be expected.  Construction hours are 9am - 5pm Monday thru Friday.  This could possibly affect our units #1118 and #1102 only.