Property Notifications

The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach is dedicated to offering the best experience possible while you are a guest. Because of this you may see them diligently working on various projects ranging from minor landscaping to complete remodels to areas of the property.
The Whaler Vacation Rental Program will work very hard to provide any information regarding improvements that is provided to us by The Whaler.

The Whaler Homeowners Association has scheduled some maintenance work to a few sections of each tower on the lanai (balcony) this summer. They will be addressing common repairs that need to be made to concrete due to the moisture and salt in the air. Below is the schedule provided by The Whaler with the dates and floors they will be working on along with a map to give an idea of where each section is located.
Some guest will not be directly impacted but may hear some noise depending on where your unit is located.

Notice from The Whaler
“The majority of the spall repair work is located in the Mauka (mountain) and Makai (ocean) ends of the Towers and should not impact the ground floor units during this phase of the spall repair work. The spall repair work is located on the face and underside of the lanai edge. Most repairs appear to be small and should not take more than two or three days once the Contractor has access to the area.

The Contractor will be setting up swing stage scaffolding where spall locations are above the 5th floor. Spall repairs below the 5th floor will be accessed via ground mounted scaffolding. There will be a safety officer in the drop zone to maintain a safety zone below work areas. Building entries and exits will be protected by a scaffold tunnel for safety.

All access to the areas needing repair will be from the exterior so no unit entry will be required. Barring unexpected discoveries during the spall work, the Contractor does not anticipate needing lanai access during the repair work. Intermittent concrete chipping, drilling, and grinding can be expected. Mahalo for your cooperation and understanding.”